Ireland's Child Care Institutions during the 20th. Century. Fo'T: The most vivid and passionate stories - banished babies, cruel orphanages, old abuses of power - have concerned things that went unnoticed, or at least unarticulated, at the time. News has often had to be redefined, not as the latest sensation but as that which everybody knew all along yet could not say.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Ferryhouse Bridge

This Photographs was taken using a Kodak CX6200 Digital Camera - the picture was taken on September 18 2004 - This photograph is not part of a video made by people in Ferryhouse. Frames lifted from that video are available on another site and other photographs that I have worked on, including those depicted here, are also on that site without any acknowledgement to me and without any permission being sought from me from the scoundrel.

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