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Sunday, July 17, 2005

WOODSTOWN 1960 ....

Below is a link to pictures taken of the boys from Ferryhouse while they were on "holiday" in Woodstown. It's was at this time of the year that we (the boys who had no mums or dads to take them out of Ferryhouse for the Summer) were trooped off to Woodstown - Mid July it was.

In Woodstown we were allowed (sometimes) to be children. That said there was still a certain amount of regimentation even while we were in Woodstown ... but, all in all, the time we spent in Woodstown was mostly stress-free.

I used Photoshop to clean and enhance the photographs and I used a video-editor to create a photostory. I was going to add music but it would have made the file massive. One song mentioned as the background music was the old old song ... If I Could Choose ...

If anyone wants a copy of the video by email please send me a message - the file is nearly 3 megabytes and you will need Winamp or Windows Media Player to view it - I recommend Windows Media Player.

Much Appreciation to USOC for the Pictures ...

LINKS to photostory: ..



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