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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Saint's island put up for sale

An island which is believed to have saved the life of a saint has been put up for sale. Legend has it Irish patron saint St Patrick found salvation on Ynys Badrig after being shipwrecked off Anglesey. The island is available to buy as part of an 168-acre estate which has been put on the market for £895,000. As well as the two-acre island, the estate includes a six-bed detached house, a lake, a mile of headland, ruined clay works and outbuildings. Estate agent Elfyn Hughes, said the legend told that St Patrick had been washed up on the island, which is also known as Middle Mouse, in the fourth century. "He was shipwrecked and decided he couldn't live there, and decided to swim ashore," he said. "The local story is he built St Patrick's church where he came ashore to thank God for saving his life."

The Llan Lleiana estate is being sold by Peter Thomas, whose wife's grandfather Thomas Bailey owned it for around 50 years. "It is quite unique - it is the only property on Anglesey with its own beach and its own island," he said. "It is totally private and not overlooked, and is steeped in history." He said that Mr Bailey had been a well-known character in the area. "He used to go out in his own little boat and had lobster pots along the headland," he added. "The house needs refurbishment but the main structure is in a good condition." Mr Hughes, from Beresford Adams, said it would be perfect for someone who liked a bit of privacy. "You have no neighbours, you can only just about see one other property."

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